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About Picture My Picture

Picture My Picture is a family owned business that commenced in 2016. Kate and Michael are the owners of the business and their eldest son, Christopher, now 12 years of age, is the inspiration for this flashcard range. At the age of three he was diagnosed with autism and commenced a comprehensive ABA program. Educational flashcards were at the core of his program and his progress.

The flashcards sold through Picture My Picture are an enhanced version of the ones used in Christopher's ABA program. They have been tailored further, subsequent to invaluable feedback from educators and students alike. Each set is intended to be purposeful, captivating and supportive, from both perspectives - that of teaching and learning. 

Picture My Picture has sold tens of thousands of sets of flashcards in countries ranging from the US, the UK, Australia and the Netherlands. They are purchased by a diverse range of educators and parents for a wide range of educational needs including Autism, English as a Second Language, Speech Therapy, Acquired Brain Injury and in the general education setting

Partnering with BioAutism
Picture My Picture is delighted to be partnering with BioAutism, a charity that raises funds to support autism research. For each set of flashcards sold, 25% of the retail price is donated to BioAutism. 

Our purpose
At Picture My Picture our intention is to assist educators of all types to teach with joy. And for their students to experience the joy of learning.